Mike - Faces Of NPU



Electricity doesn’t just come out of the wall. It takes a long trip from a power plant, across transmission lines before arriving in Norwich and being delivered into your home. 24-hours-a- day, seven days a week, on sunny days and in the worst winter storms — the men and women of NPU make this possible, every day, year-after-year.

Getting the lights back on for a single customer or an entire neighborhood isn’t easy, but it is critically important for our community. Our customers tell us (especially after storms that leave other towns without power for much longer) that the “NPU linemen are our heroes.”

Mike, a veteran lineman and a proud member of our mutual aid crews, is honored to be a lineman for NPU. Mike’s colleagues tell us he is  “reliable, dependable and always willing to do whatever is needed to take care of our customers.”

On behalf of a community of over 40,000 residents, thank you, Mike, for many long nights, cold winter days and blazing hot summers of service. Our community thanks you.

The people, the commitment, the Faces of NPU