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Natural Gas

Keeping your family warm, heating your home, making customers comfortable in your business and assuring that you have hot water every day isn’t automated. It is a carefully managed process, almost entirely underground across our City, that most people don’t see and usually take for granted. The men and women of Norwich Public Utilities take care of the safe, secure and efficient delivery of natural gas, every day, year-after-year.

Natural gas is a clean, efficient and cost-effective alternative to oil, for many households and enterprises. This utility service rounds out the comprehensive support provided by NPU — electricity, water, gas and wastewater treatment and Joel is an important part of this team.

Joel, a natural gas technician, hit the ground running as soon as he started with NPU. His supervisors share that he’s “learned a lot about how we keep our natural gas system running safely and efficiently for our customers and our community. He is committed to doing his job well – and always looking for ways to improve himself and our organization.”

Thank you Joel, for helping NPU take great care of the homes, families, employees and resources of our community. Your work makes all the difference.

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