Jesse - Faces Of NPU


Water Team

The water you drink, cook with, or use throughout your home, doesn’t just come from your tap. It takes a long journey, from one of Norwich Public Utilities’ multiple reservoirs, into and out of our treatment plant and through hundreds of miles of maintained pipes, until arriving at your home.

Every day, NPU provides 4.5 million gallons of safe and clean water for our residential and commercial customers — year after year.

Jesse, a water treatment operator,  is just what any organization wants in a newer employee. His peers share that he is “eager to learn, enthusiastic, and able to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers. Jesse understands our mission and is the next generation of dedicated utility professionals.”

Safe and clean water has been an essential part of Norwich and NPU for more than 110 years – and always will be in the years to come.

Thank you, Jesse, for being a vital part of this commitment.

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