Bill - Faces Of NPU


Waste Water Team

In Norwich, water doesn’t disappear once you’ve done a load of laundry, run your dishwasher or flushed your toilet.  Every home, business and restaurant in Norwich depends upon the wastewater services of Norwich Public Utilities to assure the water quality and to protect the health and safety of our community.

Every day, most people use more than 80-100 gallons water per day, and every day, the customers of NPU have the piece of mind knowing that water quality experts like Bill are making sure that every drop is managed with care.

Bill, a wastewater team member, is an important part of NPU’s wastewater team. His teammate shares that he “keeps calm in a crisis, is eager to learn and knows how important his work is for NPU, our customers and our community.”

While Bill’s work isn’t always visible to the public, his talent and hard work are a vital service to NPU, and the community we serve.

Thank you, Bill, for caring about the families we support and the environment we seek to protect

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